Beat the Post-holiday Bloat

Are your jeans a little snug today? You may be suffering from a term I call post holiday bloating. If you’re like me, you’ve spent the past few weeks at great parties with amazing friends and family eating too many carbohydrates and sweets and having one too many adult beverages. Sounds familiar?

All is not lost, here a few tips on how to beat the holiday bloat, and get back into those skinny jeans before you’re singing auld lang syne on New Years Eve.

Cut the carbohydrates.  Eating carbohydrates causes your body to retain water, which ultimately gives you a bloated feeling. Remember that not all carbohydrates are bad for you, and a portion of your dietary needs should come from carbohydrates. Choose wisely by selecting fruits, vegetables and ancient grains. Stay away from white bread, pastries, cereals, and rich past and rice meals.

Burn baby burn. If you’re in a part of the world with a milder climate, head outdoors for a brisk walk or run. If you live in cooler climate, do aerobics at home or hit the gym for a cardiovascular workout. Try to workout at an elevated heart rate for at least 30 minutes. Getting back into your normal workout routine (or choosing to start working out) will reduce the sluggish feeling you may have post-holiday. It will also feel great to sweat!

Go Green. I love cleansing with fresh green veggies. My favorites are kale and spinach . Pick your favorite green vegetables, add your favorite fruit, and blend it into a smoothie. Click here for an easy not so green smoothie, green smoothie recipe.

Drink water. Holiday meals contain a lot of sodium which leads to bloating. While you may not feel like drinking water, try to encourage yourself to have a glass every 3-4 hours. If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Remember, your daily intake should be half of your weight in ounces.

Love your gut. Consider taking a daily probiotic with digestive enzymes to get your digestive system back on track after the holidays. There are many benefits associated with taking probiotics including assisting with weight loss, stimulating immune response, preventing infections, decreasing allergies, and increasing digestive health. My favorite probiotic is probio 5. To learn more about it click here.



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