Just Be Kind


I’m taking a break from my usual recipe sharing and sugar bashing, to make a response in regards to a growing amount of “fat shaming” taking place in our society. Yesterday, I read an appalling story about a woman who willingly gained 50 pounds to prove to all the “fat people” that they caused this themselves and that losing the weight is easy if they’d stop being lazy.


My opinion:
Wellness is a body, mind and spirit journey. Although someone may have the desire to lose weight and get healthier, I’ve noticed (in my own opinion) that people struggle most with weight loss when they can’t make the connection between body, mind and spirit.

First (the body):
Overweight does not equal not lazy.
I know some really hard-working overweight people. In fact, many of the hardworking people I know are overweight. Why is that? Generally, these people tend to take care of everyone else first, and have very little time or energy for themselves.

It’s not just about food.
Calories in, calories out; is completely outdated science when it comes to weight loss. For years, people were told expend more calories than they ate to lose weight. Hundreds of diets and weight loss companies were created around this idea. While that seems to make sense and in a perfect world it could work, there are several other factors to take into account including quality of calories ingested, hormones (major player), underlying health conditions and lifestyle.

Second (the mind):
Ditch skinny.
Get rid of the idea of skinny. Not everyone was intended was intended to have a size 26 waist or fit into a size 0, and that’s okay. Focus on what’s comfortable and healthy for you instead of trying to be something you think you should be.

The mind is an incredibly powerful thing – especially when it comes to wellness. What we believe about ourselves, we become. If an overweight person, is constantly told or shown images through media that depict overweight people as “less than” because of a stupid number on a stupid scale, at least on some subconscious level that person will begin to believe it about themselves.

Third (the spirit):
Be thankful for the gift of wellness, and handle it with care.
I believe that each and every person that reads this is called to a life of purpose. You have purpose and you are on this earth at this exact time for a reason. When we start to believe in that purpose, it becomes so much easier to put value on our life. Realize the value and blessing of having breath in your lungs, a heart that beats, the ability to move and walk, and be thankful for the gift of wellness. If you’re not well, find out what you can do now to improve your situation – whether it’s walking more or making better food choices. We were never intended to be enslaved to our situation.

On a personal note, I apologize if any of my posts have ever seemed like self-righteous, fat shaming. I hope to leave any person that reads my posts feeling encouraged and motivated. Everyone can do something to improve their wellness, even if it’s just a baby step. Make that first baby with an attitude of thankfulness knowing that you CAN live a life of wellness.

*To the person that gained 50 pounds to prove a really nasty point, maybe next time, just be kind and use your skill and expertise to encourage.

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