The Dog Days are Over

Ahh, after 12 long years or preparation (5 of which I’ve actively been involved), it’s finally here.

He’s moved 5 times, taken 5 “make or break it” tests (MCAT, USMLE Steps 1,2 3, and Internal Medicine Boards), gone on countless interviews (med school interviews, residency interviews, job interviews), studied an obscene amount of hours, stayed awake for longer periods than should be humanly possible, fell asleep in strange locations when he was post-call, missed family events, showed up at events exhausted, juggled being a dad, fur dad, and husband, put up with my complaining when he missed events due to work obligations, still rocked at being a husband, passed his board exam with flying colors, was inducted into the AOA honor society, took care of some pretty interesting patients, still found a way to laugh about even the most dire situations, wondered how he’d make ends meet, dreamt about life without student loans, complained a little, learned a lot, wished he’d picked a different career at times, and found a way to fall in love with it all over again.

And now he’s here – the commencement of a career he’s wanted since he was a little boy.

As he finished up the last 2 weeks of his life as a resident, I couldn’t help but reflect back on everything’s he’s sacrificed (time, relationships, money, etc.), and look forward to all the blessings ahead!

Kudos to my amazingly smart, kind, gentle spirited, handsome husband. I love doing life with you, #winning!




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