What Got Me Started

Let me back up. I began my health crusade when I was 27 weeks pregnant with Aubrey. I went in for my first glucose tolerance test, and the only thing I had on my side was my pride. I gulped down the nasty drink, all the while thinking I was going to pass with flying colors.


Why should I think any differently, I ran during my pregnancy until the 16th week, I worked out several times a week and I ate healthy (or so I thought). A week passed, then I received a somewhat frantic call from the nurse saying I had failed my glucose tolerance test – I actually failed it with flying colors! I was so angry and upset, but more than anything I was determined to clean up my diet.

I started out by making an appointment a dear friend of mine and Clinical Dietitian. Up until then, I believed a healthy breakfast was JIF peanut butter with whole wheat toast, a healthy lunch was a turkey sandwich on wheat from Subway, and a healthy supper was whole wheat pasta with canned spaghetti sauce. I had a lot to learn!

Which brings me to where I am in this moment. Because I had gestational diabetes, my risk for developing Type 2 diabetes in the future has increase exponentially. I also worry for the people I love, and even the people I just like.

The rate of diabetes in the country and world is increasing, and it can directly be related to our diets. Fast food, food that comes prepackaged, highly preserved and highly sugared foods are literally killing us. By trying to make things “easier” for ourselves, we’ve set ourselves up for nutritional failure.

Here’s a few facts for you from the American Diabetes Association:
Nearly 1 in 10 people have diabetes
79 million American have pre-diabetes (about 35% of the population)
$245 billion is attributed to the cost of diabetes (some which is your tax dollars)

So what do we do. Eating healthy is hard, and I’ll be the first to admit it. Yesterday, I was at a pool party, there was pizza, and I indulged. It was easy, it was there, and I wanted it. If I’m honest with myself, I think most people think that way about food. Unlike a drug addiction, if you want your fix, you have to have a dealer, spend lots of money, and there’s a risk you might go to jail if caught. With food, the addiction can be fed (literally) with a $1 box of mac and cheese from Wal-Mart. Every week I find myself shocked during my grocery trip when I realize the literal junk that FDA approves to be sold.

I’ll admit I’m a work in progress, but I’m making forward progress.

If you’re in this same boat, I’d like to share some resources with you:

This is an awesome article from National Geographic about sugar. It’s interesting that the crop that grew on the back of generations of slavery continues to enslave many today.
This is a great article about the food processing industry.

Know anyone with pre-diabetes or diabetes? They may want to give plexus slim a try. It’s not just for weight loss! Based on a clinical trial and anecdotal evidence plexus slim has been shown to decrease insulin levels.

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